#12 Networking Your Way to Freelance Success, with Katelyn Bourgoin of Vendeve.com


Today, I’m chatting with Katelyn Bourgoin, founder of Vendeve.com

An ideas-junkie with a penchant for rebellion, Katelyn sees life like a giant connect-the-dots puzzle. She’s deathly allergic to the status quo, and believes that anything worth doing is worth doing differently.

Katelyn’s radical approach to strategic branding and communications has made her a go-to authority in Halifax.

Recognized as one of Nova Scotia’s top 15 young entrepreneurs (2012 CYBF HighFlier), Katelyn built her career on crafting “wow-worthy experiences” that get people talking. After founding RedRiot at age 25, she grew the company from a one-woman freelance business into one of Halifax’s top branding agencies.

Katelyn’s entrepreneurial highlight reel includes bigwig clients like Target and Holiday Inn. Katelyn and her team are now hopping busy working on the next big internet sensation, Vendeve.com—the business network for women entrepreneurs.

Vendeve will change the way women do business online, which in turn, changes the way the world does business.



  • When to partner with peers, not influencers
  • How women sell naturally
  • How to best position your business to get clients right away
  • How Katelyn landed big name clients like Target
  • How to encourage referrals
  • What is experiential marketing, and how to use it
  • How to keep a small community feel in a large online group








Twitter: @vendevecom

Facebook: Vendeve

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