#13 How to Position Yourself as a Top Rate Freelancer –with Kurt Elster


Today, I’m chatting with Kurt Elster

One of the most highly regarded independent consultants in his industry, Kurt Elster is a Senior Ecommerce Consultant who helps Shopify store owners uncover hidden profits in their websites.

Kurt is the founder of ecommerce agency Ethercycle, host of the popular Ecommerce Hacks Weekly video series, author of Ecommerce Bootcamp, and host of The Unofficial Shopify Podcast.

These resources have helped thousands of Shopify store owners create impact, freedom, & wealth. You can learn more and subscribe to Kurt’s free newsletter at Kurtelster.com

He is also the author of Email Templates for Freelancers where he shows you how a well-crafted message can improve your entire freelance business. And The Independent Consulting Manual: An Insider’s Guide to Building Six-Figure Solo Consultancies.


  • What is positioning, and how it can help grow your business
  • How to win at the confidence game (even if you’re an introvert)
  • A simple, 3-step formula for selling your services
  • How to say “no” without feeling guilty
  • 2 big mistakes freelancers make with email
  • How and why to set up email templates







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Kurt’s website: KurtElster.com

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Twitter: @kurtinc

Facebook: Ethercycle


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