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Remote working isn't just for the lucky few. The Work at Home Success Guide shows you how to get started and be successful as a remote employee or freelancer.


Introduction: Can you really be successful with remote working?

Section 1: Getting Ready

1. How do you know when it’s time to take control of your work?

2. What kind of remote work could you do?

3. Should you go freelance or be a remote employee?

4. How can you learn your craft, and prove your experience?

5. What does the optimal workspace look like?

6. What equipment will you need?

Section 2: Getting the Gigs

7. How remote employees find and land the jobs

8. How freelancers find and land the best clients

9. How to attract clients on autopilot

10. How to market yourself like a pro

11. How to collect killer testimonials

12. How to anchor your clients

13. How to assure your success

14. How to stand out in a competitive market

15. How to compete and win on the online job directories

16. How to prove your expertise (even if you're brand new)

17. How to price your work

18. How to choose your clients

Section 3: Doing the Work

19. When to work and when not to work

20. How to improve communication for best results

21. Why you should plan for chaos

22. Prove your work

23. How to work with kids (or anyone else) in the house

24. How to make sure you have work indefinitely

Section 4: Getting Paid

25. How to collect your paycheck

26. How to allocate your paycheck

27. How to make it through the dry spells

28. How to give yourself a raise whenever you want

Section 5: Enjoying Greater Success

29. How to enjoy boundless confidence

30. How to manage your time effectively

31. How to balance your workload and make more time for fun

32. How to build productive work habits

33. How to make your health a priority

34. How to build and maintain your support structure

35. How to turn down the noise in your head

Conclusion: Work Happy!

Appendix: Employment Emergencies--How to Get Up and Running as Quickly as Possible